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Patient Bibs / Lap Cloths (Black)



Color: Black


Dimensions: 18" x 13" (45.5 x 33 cm)


Packaging: 125 bibs per bag, 4 bags per case


Product Number: BIB740BK


ADENNA Black Patient Bibs / Lap Cloths are made of two layers of paper bonded together plus a layer of poly film. These bibs feel soft, yet are made strong to prevent from tearing easily. The two layers of bobded paper are good for absorbing liquid, ink and moisture, and the poly film provides a liquid resistant layer.

These black Bibs / Lap Cloths are the most popular in the tattoo and body art industry. The surface has a horizontal embossing that helps prevent liquid or moisture from spreading onto patient’s clothing or other surfaces.


Industries Most Common To Use

Tattoo & Piercing, Dental, Healthcare, Veterinary, Mortuary



Color: Black, Blue, or Pink

3 layers of paper + 1 layer of poly film

Horizontal embossing on surface

Fast absorption of liquids without leaking through poly back

125 bibs per bag, 4 bags per case(Total of 500 bibs)

Adenna Black Dental Bibs 500/Case

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